“Listen to counsel and receive instruction, that you may be wise in your latter days.”

Proverbs 19:20


My name is Mrs. Harris and it is truly a blessing and a privilege to be your child’s 2nd grade teacher this year. Here are a few important reminders from our class at PCA:


COMMUNICATION Each day your child will bring home their Take-Home folder.  One side will be labeled, Take Home, and the other will be labeled Return to School. Any communication such as student classwork and homework, How I Act tally report, permission slips and similar items will be placed in the appropriate pocket of the Take Home folder. It is important for parents to look at this folder as often as possible to be aware of their child’s progress. If there are any classwork concerns or items that require parents’ immediate attention, I will send out an email directly regarding the issue. Email is my preferred form of communication and if possible, please send a test email with your child’s name in the subject line to aharris@pcalions.org. If a serious issue arises, we will immediately arrange a parent/teacher meeting.


WORKLOAD – Students will have adequate time to complete their work in class, but if it is not completed during class time, it will come home as homework.  Students will also be assigned regular homework a couple of time a week especially in arithmetic, penmanship and spelling. Every Friday, students will have a Spelling Test and a Bible Quiz (memory verse). Students will be working daily on their Spelling List and Bible memory verse. Bible Tests are administered every four weeks at the end of each Bible textbook unit. Daily Work Log (placed in the Take-Home folders weekly) will provide you with information on all upcoming tests/quizzes for other subjects (arithmetic, science, penmanship, history, language, etc.)


CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT – Providence Christian Academy uses the How I Act tally system for behavior accountability.  The full explanation of this disciplinary approach can be found in the Student-Parent Handbook (p.33) available on the PCA website, under Admissions/School Forms tab. At the Orientation Day, parents will be given the actual student Take Home folders that will include information about this disciplinary system as well a sample copy of the How I Act tally report. This report will be filled out daily, if and when, a student’s behavior requires a tally. How I Act report will require a weekly parent signature to be returned to school each Monday. Your children will be instructed in the first weeks on all our classroom and school rules. In addition, students will be routinely reminded of behavior requirements for a student attending a Christian school.


READING – I would strongly encourage all parents to read with their children as much as possible. I can not emphasize enough the importance of reading at this level!

In our 2nd grade, students will be assigned periodically a book to read at home that will require a simple, written book report. Students will bring home a book from our class library as well as a copy of our Short Form Book Report. The books will be accompanied by a Letter to Parents explaining the procedure for a book reading report. Assigned books are short, contain pictures, and students are given two weeks to read them. After two weeks, students bring the books back to school to give our class a verbal report on the books they read. So far, our Book Reading Days have been filled with laughter, excitement and a sense of healthy peer competition.


DRESS CODE – PCA follows appropriate dress code for all students. In our 2nd grade, we try to follow the school dress code fully. The way we present ourselves and the way we behave go hand in hand and clearly, in this respect, expectations are higher for students attending a school that is based on Christian values. Students will help in this effort by participating in the classroom ‘uniform check’ each day as a part of our regular morning routine. Please refer to the Dress Code section (under Admissions tab) for detailed information about required and acceptable student uniforms. As a reminder, Wednesdays are reserved for Chapel Day here at PCA and this requires Chapel (logo) Dress code to be observed.


SUPPLY LIST – School supply lists are posted on the PCA website under Admissions tab. In our classroom, each student will have space assigned for his/her school supplies and I will notify you, if and when, their supplies need to be replenished.



Mrs. Harris