Believing that Christian education is an essential part of the larger process of Christian discipleship, the faculty and staff of Providence Christian Academy are committed to:

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  1. Equipping our students with the tools of learning, empowering them in their pursuit of the knowledge of God and His creation;
  2. Training our students to employ the tools of learning as part of a commitment to become lifelong learners;
  3. Supporting our students in identifying and developing their unique, God-given skills and abilities;
  4. Providing an intellectual framework designed to help our students learn to apply their Christian faith to the world around them;
  5. Reinforcing the truth that Christian students are citizens of both a heavenly and an earthly kingdom, with a kingdom responsibility to engage the culture for Christ;
  6. Promoting standards of excellence and exhorting our students to honor God by striving for their highest and best;
  7. Building and strengthening Christian character in our students, exhorting them in the pursuit of godliness;
  8. Mentoring and being an advocate for our students, assiting them as they seek to know and do the will of God for their lives; and
  9. Praying for our students, so that they might become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, who seek to serve and glorify their Savior and King.