Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay the Registration Fee or tuition installments using either a debit or credit card via paypal (otherwise it can be paid over the phone or in person). Applications can only be processed once the Registration Fee has been paid.

Yes, you will need to submit an application form for each child/student. Where applicable you can fill in the fields where the information will be the same for each child and then make copies. Then fill in the blank fields as needed for each child.

No you do not need to submit all the forms when applying. The following are required at the time of registration:

  1. Application (with registration fee)
  2. Financial Agreement
  3. Authorization for Emergency Treatment
  4. Before and After Care Policy acknowledgement

Due before the first day of school.

  1.  A copy of Shot records
  2. Birth Certificate (if applying for K3 through K5 and for Home Schoolers)

Please submit all other forms as completed.


Yes, please call our office at 540-349-4989.

Dr. Shin the HeadMaster requires a meeting with the parents of all students considering enrolling at PCA.  Decisions are based on a favorable interview, review of prior school records, academic ability and at least one Parent must be a professing Christian.

If you are not accepted by PCA you will be notified.  As a general rule registration fees are not processed until a student is accepted.  Once a student is accepted a Welcome email is sent out.  During summer months this can take several weeks due to high volume of enrollment.  During the school year, new enrolling students are notified quickly if they are accepted and informed of their start date.

No, if you have submitted an application and are accepted you are considered enrolled at PCA.  Applications can only be processed once the Registration Fees have been paid.