Philosophy of Christian Education

At Providence Christian Academy, we are committed to a philosophy of Christian Education that is not patterned after the traditions of men or the principles of this world, but after Christ. As we know from Colossians 2:8, “In Him alone are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

It’s not enough to have a regular Bible class and a weekly chapel. Christian education means that Christ is central to learning and that Biblical teaching and a Christian worldview is integrated throughout each subject and each activity throughout the school day.

Consequently, at PCA, all educational theory, methods and practices are built upon the life and teachings of Christ as cornerstone. Because there is only one God and one Christ, there is only one truth. We believe that this truth must be the center and criterion of Christian education.

We believe that effective Christian education is:

1) Based on Biblical Principles

In order for education to be consistently Christian, teachers must self-consciously teach all subjects within the framework of Biblical authority. Consequently, all PCA faculty use the Bible in each and every course, both directly and indirectly, applying it directly when they derive understanding of each topic from the actual statements of the Bible and use the text of Scripture appropriately in each subject and applying it indirectly when they work out the implications of Biblical truth as the proper framework for understanding each subject.

One important goal of Christian education is to teach the student to reason Biblically. Because of this, our educational process is designed to show how the doctrinal truths of God’s Word provide the Christian worldview.

2) Addresses the Nature of the Learner

In every area of study, PCA faculty strive to help students understand God’s perspective and think His thoughts after Him. To do this, they must:

  • Grow in their knowledge of the Word of God and learn the mind of Christ.
  • Learn to reason in terms of Biblical truth and develop a truly consistent Biblical worldview.
  • Be taught how to rightly discern and judge all things in the light of Scripture.

Christian education fails if it does not instill the pattern of thinking after God’s wisdom and logic.

3) Makes Disciples of Christ

Finally, for a Biblical curriculum to be effective and gainful, both the mind and the will of the student need to be trained and brought into subjection to Gods authority. Not only should the student be taught to reason in a consistent, Biblical and organized manner, but students must also learn how to exercise proper Biblical discipline to reach their goals. By warning against unbelief, rebellion and the spirit of this age and praying regularly for our students, we at PCA are committed to training each student to become a true disciple of Christ.