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NOV 04, 2021

PCA Lions Win Conference Championship!

JV Volleyball teams brings home the top honors from the Shenandoah Christian Conference.

Thanks to all the parents and fans who traveled out to Front Royal to watch PCA bring home its first Volleyball Championship!

Our Lady Lions went into the tournament as the #1 seed after going undefeated in conference play. The hosting team of Chelsea Academy came in with the momentum of a significant win the previous night over the John Paul Guardians. The Lions opened the set strong with the power of their serves. The highlight being their libero, Myra, with an 11-point serving streak! PCA held Chelsea to only 10 points as they closed the first set 25-10.

The second set saw Chelsea find a rotation to make the Lions sweat. A solid server on the back line and tall middle at the net with a strong approach and swing showed that Chelsea has been working on some attack plays of their own. After a couple of solid kills on the Lion’s back line the score came to 18-17 in the Lion’s favor. PCA managed a side out to end that rotation and with the game on the line and a championship a mere six points away, the ball was back in the hands of team captain and setter, Julianna. You could almost feel the Chelsea team exhale in frustration as Jules stepped to the service line and prepared to finish this incredible season. Three aces later, PCA’s captain was still serving and poking holes in Chelsea’s defense. Another short rally with yet another point for the Lions. Then another. Then one more… and it was all over.

The final ball dropped on Chelsea’s court and PCA had won the first championship for the school and done so in remarkable fashion. This little team of Freshmen, supplemented by Middle Schooler’s had fought an entire season against bigger, stronger, older teams. PCA went completely undefeated in conference play, never even losing a single set! Well Done, Lions!

Julianna (S), Rachel (OH), and Myra (L) were all awarded all-conference athlete awards.

Captain Julianna (S) was awarded the conference MVP.

OCT 26, 2021

PCA Lions Close Out The Season Strong!

Thanks to all the parents, faculty, friends and fans who came out to see the final home game of PCA’s 2021 Volleyball season. Tonight we welcomed Chelsea Academy to the Lion’s Den for the last Conference game before the Conference Tournament.

It was clear that Chelsea has been putting in the work to improve their game. They no longer seemed helpless under the serving power of the Lions. They were able to return several serves and hustled hard to keep the ball off their court.

But the Lions have also been working hard to improve their game and showed that their scoring abilities were not limited to serves. In front of a packed home crowd, when Coach Kevin held up a signal for only quick attacks, PCA’s offense shifted to prioritize the faster tempo plays and the points began to rack up!

At the end of the night PCA took all three sets and grabbed another “W” to remain undefeated in conference play. Now our team of lionhearted athletes set their sights on a trophy at the other end of the Conference Tournament. Let’s Go Lions!

OCT 21, 2021

JV Volleyball takes a Win against Dominion Ridge Academy

The JV Volleyball team welcomed a new opponent to the Lion’s Den on Tuesday; the Dominion Ridge Academy Warriors! This non-conference matchup saw our lady Lions take on a fresh squad of players from Front Royal. It was clear during the opening rallys that PCA held a distinct advantage in experience. The Warriors have struggled to find games in their area and it’s been challenge all season to get quality touches on the ball in a game setting. Our JV squad was happy to oblige that request and even offered to make the match a best-of-5, as opposed to the standard best-of-3 for the JV level. the Warrior’s energy and sportsmanship was infectious and we salute them for that!

Regardless of the mutual respect for new opponents, there were volleyballs to be slammed onto the court and our Lion’s were more than up to the task. With Coach Kevin insisting on calling difficult serving spots, and repeatedly calling for quick attacks, the JV squad was running the quality, high tempo game they’ve become known for.  PCA took the match in three straight sets. (25-12, 25-13, 25-16)

Thanks for the game Dominion Ridge Warriors. We salute you and look forward to seeing you again in the Lion’s Den!

OCT 12, 2021

PCA JV Finds Victory Over Centurions.

The JV Volleyball team took the court on Tuesday as Guests to the NVHAA Centurions. Our Lions have been working hard since the last time they saw the home school team. Back in our first game of the season, NVHAA handily took both sets 25-19. Now over a month later, the Lion’s team looked forward to unleashing some new skills on the Centurions to see how they stacked up.

This meeting saw the Centurions pitting their JV team up against our PCA Lions. Even though this wasn’t their premium squad, the Centurion’s JV team was larger in stature and number than our Lady Lions. But that has hardly ever mattered before with this team; they tend to play above their weight class. Tonight was no exception.

Once more the Lions’ strength was shown primarily in the power of their serves. Several players had extended serving streaks, but it was Alexis J. (OH) who really shined with a huge 11 point serving series! Every player showed a great amount of hustle and “scrappiness” in rally play. At one point Myra (lib) sprinted to the back wall to save a shanked ball that was then played over for a surprise point! The Sisters were connecting particularly well as Julianna (S) kept setting to Rachel (OH) as long as her swing was hot and that lead to the Freshman hitter scoring 8 heavy-handed kills throughout the night.

In an odd symmetry, PCA took both sets 25-9.

Centurions, we salute you and wish you the best of luck in your upcoming tournament. Hopefully we played a small part in preparing you for it and sharpening your skills. Good Game, Centurions, see you next season!

OCT 5, 2021

PCA Lions sweep Ad Fontes 2-0

On Tuesday the JV Volleyball team hosted the Ad Fontes Falcons in the Lion’s Den. We haven’t seen the Falcons in a couple years, and we remember Ad Fontes having a strong program. Our Lions came in ready to play and expecting a competitive game.

One of PCA’s parents mentioned that they overheard one of the Falcon’s parents on the phone remarking on how small the gym is and how our players were also rather on the small size. “This shouldn’t take long, we should be done pretty quick.” the Ad Fontes fan reportedly said with a shrug.

Ad Fontes won the coin toss and chose to serve first. Their best server stepped to the line and sent a vicious ace straight to the Lion’s back line. She then sent another serve right into a seam for a second quick point. This Falcon player could serve! The Ad Fontes parents nodded and clapped and settled back, prepared to watch an easy win for their team.

PCA managed a side out on the third serve and that gave the ball to Team Captain, Julianna N. (S) for her turn on the service line. “Jules” showed the Ad Fontes crowd that, we too, know how to serve. She returned the favor of the first two aces, then PCA’s Captain served up another point, then one more as Ad Fontes’ coach called a Time Out.

And so the balance shifts…

Our Lions showed the Falcons that our players may not match them for size, but they are Fierce!  And once the Falcons’ leading server lost her turn to serve, the rest struggled to find holes in the Lion’s defense while PCA’s serving strength stacked up point after point as their lead widened further and further. PCA ended the first set 25-12.

The second set also saw the Lion’s defense absorbing the Falcon’s serves allowing the front line to set up one offensive play after another. The scoreboard reflected the effort as again PCA pulled away to an early lead and kept the Falcons’ offense grounded through the match. Even rookie Josie was able to get her first Ace with an Overhand Serve! Well done Josie! The Ad Fontes crowd sat in silence as the match was over “pretty quick” but not in their favor, as the Lions took the second set 25-14. Highlights included Alexis J. (OH) who had a “Hot hand” tonight as she threw down kill after kill. Great job, Alexis!

Coach Kevin requested a third set scrimmage, just for fun, and the Falcons took him up on the offer just to get more touches on the ball and work on their own game. This is becoming almost a tradition in the Lion’s Den and it really does show the sportsmanship of both teams. Well Done!

OCT 1, 2021

Lions surge ahead to 4-0 in Conference Play

Friday saw the return of the John Paul Guardians to the Lion’s Den for another conference match with PCA’s JV Volleyball team. The Lions were playing without starting Middle Blocker, Gigi. This allowed the rest of the team the opportunity to play positions they are not accustomed to. Rachel, the Lion’s steadfast OH got a chance to slide over and try her hands at patrolling the Middle of the net. Myra, the team’s Libero had  the opportunity to wear the same jersey as the rest of the team as she got to fill Rachel’s sneakers at OH. One of the most notable changes was that Emily, the big Middle Blocker, had to play all the way around including back row, and serving. To her credit, Emily stepped up and delivered from the serving line, scoring several points with a serve that just last week was barely clearing the net. Way to go Emily!

Ultimately, it was the strength of the Lion’s serves that really determined the match. Team Captain, Julianna (S) opened the match with 8 consecutive unreturned points as the Guardians clamored to find their footing to get under the storm of powerful serves. Even rookie Josie (RH) was able to get her serves onto the opponent’s floor and celebrated a serving run of her own.

First set ended at 25-10 and the second set saw a 25-14 finish in the Lion’s favor. The Guardian’s kept their spirits up and showed excellent sportsmanship as they took the court again hoping for another set just to scrimmage. PCA’s coaches were happy to oblige and used the opportunity to have the team work on new plays they have recently learned in practice. Thanks for the game John Paul, we look forward to seeing you in the conference tournament at the end of the season!

Sep 28, 2021

PCA Lions sweep past John Paul Guardians to go 2-0 in Conference play. 

Our PCA JV Volleyball team hosted a new challenger on Tuesday evening when the John Paul Guardians came to test themselves against the Lions in the first conference meeting between these two teams. The crowds were light for this conference game with plenty of empty seats on the home team’s bleachers. Undeterred, the Lions showed up to play and proved that one of their greatest strength lies in their serves. The ladies in blue and white ripped ahead early with strong serves that found every hole in the Guardian’s defense. The guests from Front Royal were not able to close the gap and the first set ended 25-12 decisively in the Lion’s favor.

In the second set the Lions put on a showcase for powerful serves that often found their opponents flat on their feet. Head Coach Kevin would test the player’s mettle and skill by giving them difficult spots to serve to and insisting the more experienced players could only use a difficult jump serve. Even that wouldn’t slow down the Lions as Freshman Rachel N. (OH) led the way with 12 service aces for the night and several of her teammates followed close behind with strong serving runs of their own. The second set ended quickly at 25-7 for PCA, which marked the end of the official game play and another WIN for the Lions.

Parents, you should know that PCA doesn’t take these kind of wins lightly. We’ve been on the receiving end of too many lop-sided games to be so arrogant. The coaches requested a third set to 15 points just so John Paul’s less experienced team could get additional touches on the ball and PCA could use the extra set to practice some of the plays they’ve been working on in daily practice. The officials were gracious enough to stay for another set and were… “loose” with some of the calls to allow both teams to get in extra practice in a competition environment. This saw all the Lions attempting jump serves they were not confident with, and running difficult attack plays known as “quicks” and “swings.” The Guardian’s were grateful to have the opportunity to develop their own defense and serving against a formidable team. Both teams left the court with smiles and laughs after an excellent evening of Volleyball.

Well Done, Lions! Guardians, we salute you and you are always welcome in the Lion’s Den.

Sep 10, 2021

PCA JV Volleyball Sweeps Chelsea Academy in Conference Opener!

In the opening game for the newly established Shenandoah Christian Conference, our JV Volleyball team showed dominance against Chelsea’s Academy’s JV team.

The Lions traveled out to Front Royal to face Chelsea in their home gym. Chelsea’s team was more numerous and considerably taller than our PCA squad, but quickly learned that our Lions may be small, but they are fierce! PCA pulled ahead early in the first set on the strength of their well trained serves. Julianna (S), Rachel (OH), and Myra (Lib) all quickly racked up points with serving runs before Chelsea had a chance to strike back.

PCA closed out the first set 25-14 and kept the pressure on during the second set. Chelsea’s team tried to rally back but the serving strength of the Lions was too much for the Front Royal team. Providence threw down ace after ace as the score ran ahead. Then with game point on the line, Team Captain Julianna headed for the service line and decided to use the expansive back court of Chelsea’s gym to try something she’s never done in competition. She took two steps and launched into a powerful topspin jump-serve that smacked off Chelsea’s court before half the team could even flinch! With a score of 25-17, that final Ace sealed the set, game, and first conference appearance for our Lions. If the Lions can continue playing like this, it should prove to be a very interesting season.

Please come join us on Tuesday 9/14 as the Lions host Covenant Christian Academy’s Golden Eagles in a showdown of (friendly) rival schools.

Let’s Go Lions!