Jeremiah 29:13

And ye shall seek me, and find me,

when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

We will be digging for treasure in the third grade…

Here are some of the treasures we will find in third grade:

Bible – We use the Bob Jones Bible curriculum.  We have a verse each week to memorize and every couple of weeks we have a test on the learned concepts.  We cover Sin, salvation, motives, humility, purity, God’s love, choosing Christian friends and other Christian character lessons.

Penmanship – We do teach cursive writing.  In penmanship I look for consistency in size, spacing and correct formation.

Spelling – We use the Bob Jones spelling curriculum.  Each week there is a list of 20 words to learn.  We learn spelling rules, exceptions to the rules and sight words.

Math – We use the ABeka math curriculum.  We review addition and subtraction quickly.  If your child does not have the adding and subtracting facts memorized it will be a hindrance to their progress.  If not, please work with your child to get these memorized.   Most of the year we focus on memorizing multiplication and division facts.  Each day I give a speed drill to reinforce memorization of facts and each week there is a test usually on Friday.

Language/ English – Again we use the Bob Jones curriculum.  This curriculum has a strong writing and grammar program.  We have a unit of grammar and then a unit of writing.  At the end of each unit (typically two weeks) there is a test.

Reading – We use the Bob Jones reading curriculum.   I do supplement with a few chapter book units and do require two book reports (one each semester).  I focus on comprehension, being able to extract details from the story as well as being able to understand inferences (hints the author gives).  I do expect reading questions to be answered thoroughly and in complete sentences.

History – We study American history the first semester using the ABeka curriculum.  There is a test or quiz just about every week.  The second quarter we memorize the location of the 50 states.

Science– Science (ABeka) begins second semester and covers learning about the world God created around us through our senses.   We also study the animal kingdom by grouping vertebrates in the 5 main categories, mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles.  Students will have to collect pictures at home to bring to school for a categorization project.  As in history, we usually have a quiz or test (sometimes both) every week.


Unfinished class work will be sent home for homework.  Every day your student will record his/ her class assignments in his/ her homework folder.  Unfinished assignments will need to be completed for homework.  Each week your child will have a spelling list and the memory verse in the homework folder.  Usually the new list and verse go home on Friday so that they will have the list and verse a complete week before the test.

In third grade there will periodically be tests and quizzes to study for in History and Science.  These will be noted in their homework folder.  For tests I will try to have them note it two days in advance.  Usually these tests are not difficult if they pay attention in class.  There will also be a math test weekly, usually on Friday.  Every Friday there will be a spelling test, penmanship test and a verse test in Bible.

 Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.