Mrs. Dow – 5th Grade

December News for 5th grade!

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Here is what we are learning about this month:

Bible-The story of Christ’s birth

Spelling-List 14

Math-Multiplying fractions

English-Writing a Diamante and Sense Poem

Reading-We are doing our book clubs this month!

History-The War for Independence



Overview of the 5th grade curriculum for the year:


Bible is the most important part of the curriculum at PCA.  The goal of PCA is to instill a Biblical worldview into the hearts of the students.  In order to do this, we must teach them the answers they need to live their lives as believers.  The curriculum is divided into ten different units.  We also have weekly chapel times and will be memorizing God’s word weekly.  Our goal is to equip the students to be able to understand how to defend their own faith and make it their own.

Language Arts:

Our students read every day in almost every subject.  The focus in the upper elementary is comprehension through silent reading.   Vocabulary words are introduced daily before the reading selections.  The 5th grade learns the parts of speech, how to write properly, how to write book reports, and how to write creatively.Language arts is an important subject, and we devote much of our day to this area.  5th grade divides their language arts into four different areas-spelling, reading, language, and writing.

In Language, students work on the mechanics of writing-punctuation, capitalization, and quotation facts.  Diagraming is introduced, also.

ACSI holds a writing festival every year in which PCA participates.  The students are also given the opportunity to be in the spelling bee held in the spring.


The students are encouraged to participate in the annual Math Olympics in which the students compete with other Christian schools in the area. 5th Grade Mathematics at PCA provides the students the ability to master the four processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.  Problem solving skills are practiced through story problems, estimation problems, and measurement equations.  Other areas covered this year are roman numerals, metric measurements, factoring, divisibility rules, probability, percentages, algebraic equations, and basic geometry.


Science is an excellent subject to teach the students the character of our awesome God.  The students will learn this through their study of insects, birds, plants, matter, energy, geology, oceanography, and astronomy.  The students will participate in projects and experiments while they are learning.

The history curriculum this year will be American history and Virginia State history.   We will be learning about famous explorers, the original colonies, the building of our nation and how it grows, the age of progress, and the World Wars.  We will also be doing the Virginia State notebook this year which will take place the spring and will use almost a whole quarter.  Please be aware that you will need to provide certain pictures to help with the project.


Bible:  BJU Press

Reading: BJU Press and various trade books

Spelling:  BJU Press

Language:  BJU Press

Science/History:  ABEKA

History:  ABEKA

Arithmetic:  ABEKA