Welcome to the first grade page!

We had such a terrific year together.  I really can’t believe how fast the school year went!  I’m so proud of my students and know they will have a great year in the second grade.  Have a wonderful summer!!


For anyone visiting our page, feel free to check out the entry below.  It will give you an idea of what to expect in the first grade at PCA.  Thanks for visiting.  We hope to meet you soon!


Upon returning to the classroom for 2017, our first graders have been introduced to new concepts in multiple subject areas.  They are learning fractions, place value, cursive writing, creative thinking, and are writing in full sentences on their own.  I am proud to say that they  all received 100% for the past two weeks on their Bible verse tests.  They have written out theses verses from memory without a word bank or clues!!  I’m teaching some super smart first graders!  🙂

Here are some pictures of our NEW first grade classroom.

The following information will let you know about upcoming dates and classroom reminders here at PCA:

Homework: Any work that is not finished during the school day will be sent home as homework.

Spelling – A spelling homework page is sent home every Monday. Students write each word once. Cut the bottom section off to return to school the next day. Keep the top section for home use. Please go over these words with your child each day, if possible. It will help them memorize the spelling of the words. Each day, the students practice writing these words.  If they do not finish them while at school, the assignment will be sent home as homework.  They have a spelling test every Friday.

Reading – A reading log is located in the take home folder.  Please write your child’s daily reading details and turn the log in each week.  Students earn prizes the more they read.

Field Trips: We will be planning a few field trips between now and the end of the school year.  Possibilities include the library and zoo.

Mornings in the 1st grade classroom: The students are given a few minutes for learning centers each morning before the school bells rings at 8:15. This could include: computers (math and reading games), memory games, working on spacial skills by building, spelling and word practice, math center games, etc. This time gives everyone a chance to come in, put away their own belongings, and choose a learning center to work on. Some days the time allotted for these centers can be extended, but most days we clean up and start our morning routine of pledges, prayer, and worship at the sound of the bell. This is an important start to our day, as we put God first before our studies. I understand that some situations can arise that are beyond our control, but please plan to arrive by 8:10 so your child can get themselves ready for the classroom environment without feeling rushed or flustered. Thanks so much for your help with this.

“The Shop” Items: If you would like to send in items for our class Shop, please do. The students earn Bonus Bucks each day for good behavior, no tallies, work done well, etc. and can purchase items from The Shop by using those Bucks.