June 2017

I enjoyed working with the sixth graders so much this past year.  Getting to know each student as we worked on grammar, literature, and vocabulary made the year go by quickly.  I think one of the highlights was reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.  Learning about Brian Robeson’s adventures in the Canadian wilderness challenged us to think about what we might do in a similar situation and reminded us that God has promised to be with us in every situation.  To read an alternative ending to Brian’s trials in the wilderness, get a copy of Brian’s Winter.

Keep in mind the lessons you learned this year; you will be using them as a foundation for the next year!  Have a wonderful summer and I will see you in the seventh grade!


Mrs. Pyles

One more thing:  Remember that summer reading reports and projects are due on Monday, August 28. You will find the directions on PCA’s home page and on the English home page.