June 2017

I enjoyed spending time with the freshmen and sophomores this past school year.  While we learned more about grammar, vocabulary, and writing, we also learned more about each other and about our God.  Seeing the patterns in English grammar reminded us of our Creator, Who designed the world with such intricate patterns and systems.  Reading stories written by men and women gifted by God reminded us that He is the author of all creativity.  Putting our thoughts into words and sentences and paragraphs allowed us to use the gifts God has given to us.  My prayer for each of my students is that the lessons learned stay with you and that you see God in each of those lessons.

Have a wonderful summer and I will see you in the fall!


Mrs. Pyles

One more thing:  Remember that summer reading reports and projects are due on the first day of school, Monday, August 28!  You will find the instructions on PCA’s home page and on the English home page.