Example of long-sleeve PCA logo polo shirtGet in the Providence Christian Academy (PCA) team spirit – order your white PCA logo polo shirts today!

White PCA Logo Polo Shirts are for wear on Chapel Day per PCA dress code. But other PCA logo items are available as well as listed below and as shown on the vendor website.

White PCA logo polo shirts for Chapel

Boys and Girls are required to wear the white PCA Logo Polo Shirt on Chapel Day . Girls under 4th grade are not required to have a white polo shirt, but jumpers for Chapel Day must have the PCA Logo.

Jumpers are offered with the PCA Logo for Pre-K and Elementary grades.

Other PCA logo attire

Other types of PCA Logo attire can be ordered in various colors (e.g., Navy Blue, Gray) for wear on non-Chapel days.

How to order

These clothing items are available from Solaris and Company. Use the link below to place your orders directly from the vendor. When placing your order, before clicking the “Checkout” button, be sure to indicate in the box labeled “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER” that you need the Providence Christian Academy logo on your clothing items.

The vendor will start taking orders on July 23rd. Please place your orders early if you wish to have before the first day of school. The following link will take you directly to the website at:

List of available PCA logo items

Below is a list of some of the items offered:

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]

  • Student PCA Logo Polos
  • Adult PCA Logo Polos
  • PCA Logo Sweaters
  • Offered in Navy, White and Black
  • Toddler and Adult sizes are available as well
  • See website for more details
  • Jumpers
    • Prices are based on size
    • “NAVY” is the dress code for Chapel Day
    • Other colors are offered and may be worn on non-Chapel days