Dear PCA Parents,

For the upcoming School Year Solaris & Co. will once again be providing polos, jackets and jumpers with the school logo embroidered on them. You may notice a price increase from last year. This is because we have switched suppliers in order to provide a higher quality product. As a reminder, chapel uniform will require white polos and/or navy jumpers with the school logo. PLEASE REFER TO THE SCHOOL DRESS CODE TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU NEED FOR YOUR CHILD’S GENDER/GRADE. Please call Bonnie Shin at 571-332-4710 during the summer months and the school office during the school year with uniform questions. Vendor is not responsible for items being in dress code.

All orders placed before August 14th will be available for pick-up at Back-to-School Orientation, August 26th and will be at the pre-order pricing listed below. All orders placed after August 14th will be at the higher price and will take 2-3 weeks to fill. Some items may also be back-ordered by mid-August so order early! There is no shipping charge since items will be taken to the school for pick-up. There are no refunds or exchanges on embroidered items so please choose your size wisely. Size charts are provided on the website.

Studio Solaris is offering the service of adding the school logo to items you already own! Drop off items at the school office with your name and phone number. Items must meet school standards to be embroidered. Please allow 1-2 weeks for this service.


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 PreOrder Pricing
(July 1st - August 11th)
Order Pricing:
(August 12th)
Child Polo$23$27
Women's Polo$25$29
Men's Polo$27$31
Jumper (to size 16)$32$36
Long Sleeve Child's Polo$26$30
Child Zip-Up Jacket$31$36
Adult Jacket$37$42