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The Spanish Program at Providence Christian Academy is far more than an introduction to a world language, it is a carefully thought out program that fosters our students’ enthusiasm for the Spanish language and its cultures.  The program also seeks to ensure their future success in the language as they continue their studies in high school and college by introducing them to it at an early age.   Throughout the program students are also taught about cultural aspects and celebrations of  Hispanic countries, bringing to light the significance of our ever-increasing global community.

My Spanish classes have a strong focus on communication and authentic usage of the language. We culminate just about every unit with skits or Presentations created and presented by the students, thereby showcasing the production skills of language: writing and speaking.  All classes incorporate technology as a tool to access authentic texts and resources, as well as facilitate student collaboration and academic work.
We will have fun and I am making it my goal to get you to a place at the end of the year where you can turn around, look at everything you accomplished, and feel proud.
A littel bit about myself, I was born in Caracas, Venezuela but lived in the US in the early years of my life.  Spanish was spoken in my home everyday, after school  my mom taught my brothers and I spanish grammar. We went back to Venezuela were I attended part of elementary, middle school and High school. I married the love of my life in 1992 and came back the the US to study at Southern Illinois University.  I have 4 wonderful children and teaching is my passion.
Mrs. Gimon
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